This service speaks volume of our existence for Social Responsibility, as it further enhances individuals’ audio/video contents to be available in print formats.

By transcribing, we will make your audio/video contents available for printing, publishing or (better still) in tangible format – word for word, as available in the audio/video version(s). Even, if you are not satisfied after the work is completed – we will do it again until you are satisfied.

However, if you would like us to further edit the transcribed version of your audio/video contents – we could do it for you. This means that after transcription, the contents will be subjected to our Copy Editing service, which will remove total compliance with word-for-word format.

Below is the list of people that could enjoy this service from us:

  1. Pastors.
  2. Public Speakers.
  3. Public Figures.
  4. Consultants.
  5. Trainers.
  6. Organisations.
  7. Event Organisers and more.

However, do not worry if you were not listed in the categories above.

Just talk to us: we will work with you & for you.

NB: All payment attracts 5% Value Added Tax (VAT).

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