Motion Graphic

5,000 3,000 +7.5% VAT.

  • With this service individuals, businesses or organisations will get Motion Graphic Advert from us.
  • The Motion Graphic uses the combination of videos, photos and audio contents to communicate advertiser’s message to the audience.
  • The maximum duration of any Motion Graphic (from us) is 2 minutes.
  • One unit of this service produces one Motion Graphic.
  • A client may pay for more than one Motion Graphic by increasing the number of units of this service at the checkout page or cart page.
  • For special requests on this service, please contact us here.


  1. If you paid for this service online you would automatically be redirected to our SERVICES ORDERING FORM to submit details on your business, services and products.
  2. However, if you selected CHEQUE PAYMENT, kindly follow instructions that are displayed for you on the screen at the point of selection.
  3. You may also choose to pay directly into our bank account. If yes, then follow the instructions below.

Pay N3,000 + N225 (7.5% VAT) directly into our account via Deposit Money BankMobile Banking, USSD CodeInternet BankingATM Transfer or Money Agents.

Account: 0122436873.
Bank: WEMA.

After payment, then contact with the following details: payees’ name, services paid for, amount paid, and your contact information.

NB: Kindly deduct applicable discount from your total charges if you would pay into our bank account or sign a cheque for us.

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