This is the strength of our organisation: the force behind our effectiveness and we will like to pour the knowledge into your organisation or yourself.

This is a private training that organisations or individuals could call for: in the case of an organisation – we will set up a formidable media team for that organisation, comprising (at least) 5 members.


Organisations or individuals applying for this training have the privilege of determining the duration of training ranging from One Week to One Month.

This is an intensive training that will make participants to become competent in Media Communication, to the point that best students will be able to teach others – effectively.


Since this is a private training, we have streamlined the courses that could be offered in it:

  1. Creative Writing.
  2. News Gathering and Writing.
  3. Online Journalism.
  4. Publication Development.
  5. Basics of Digital Marketing.
  6. Media Regulating Laws.
  7. Public Speaking.
Adds-On Courses:

For anyone interested, we also have specific courses that could enhance participants’ productivity. These are:

  1. How to effectively use MS Office Word.
  2. How to create PowerPoint slides for Presentation.
  3. Introduction to Services Rendering – for those that want to be rendering media services after this training.


  1. Each course is packed with practical experiences for participants.
  2. There are individual’s assignment.
  3. There is a Team Project for all participants – to execute.
  4. Guaranteed effectiveness in Media Communication by all participants.
  5. Ability to venture into Media Services Business by anyone interested to do so.
  6. Ability to run a Media Team by all participants.
  7. Improved knowledge for all participants.
  8. Ability to produce quality products – for any projects.
  9. Improved ability for Book Writing.
  10. Improved ability on referencing sourced materials.

We implore you not to waste time to contact us. Once you have the time to spear, get in touch with us and let us train, as well as, set up your media team – which could run effectively any time; anywhere.

Talk to us now.

NB: All payment attracts 5% Value Added Tax (VAT).

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