This service is many steps beyond complete publicity service, in that it will endear us and clients to work together on personal branding, business branding or organisational branding and management.

Individuals or corporate organisations that want clients (potentials and existing) to hold them as competent, industry leaders should apply for this service.

It spans through:

  1. Social Media Presence.
  2. Mode of Operations.
  3. In-House & Clients Communication.
  4. Marketing Strategies.
  5. Individual/Corporate Logo.
  6. Individual/Corporate Website.
  7. Contents Management.
  8. Contents Development.
  9. Complete Publicity.

We are opened to work on areas beyond what are listed here. Perhaps, you have discovered specific needs for yourself or your organisation – let us into the idea, and we will come up with something fantastic to drive that idea for you.

NB: All payment attracts 5% Value Added Tax (VAT).

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