Organisations & individuals that do consistent publishing (no matter how sparing in a year the rate is) need to hire us for this service.

As a result, we work with:

  1. Printing Press.
  2. Consultants.
  3. Religion Organisations.
  4. NGOs.
  5. Trainers.
  6. Educational Institutions.
  7. Pastors.
  8. Self Publishers.
  9. Secular Organisations.
  10. Entertainers, and more.

Also, below is the list of the types of publication you could call us for – under this service:

  1. Magazine Publication.
  2. Online Publication.
  3. Newsletter.
  4. Book Publishing.
  5. Business Proposal.
  6. Journal Publication.
  7. Site Contents.
  8. Official Projects.
  9. Researches.
  10. Broadcast Contents.
  11. Print Advert Brief.
  12. Broadcast Script.
  13. Business Plan.

If you have special needs that were not listed here – please, talk to us.

NB: All payment attracts 5% Value Added Tax (VAT).

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